Tuesday 7 July 2015

The fruits for July

Today was/is the first Tuesday of the month. This means that the fruit baskets were back at work. I am really getting fond of this monthly ritual, which started in February. It gives me much needed fruits to make my breakfast complete and it brightens my day. Anecdote: I just discovered (by actually paying attention to the label on the basket) that the company that provided the fruit is Fruitful Office. For July we did not have pears, but there were nectarines and clementines added to the usual bananas and apples mix. I didn't have clementines because I find it too out of season in July (I start eating them on November). I took a green apple and a banana, ate the green apple and brought the banana home. The banana is a bit raw still, but I will have it tonight. And I am already looking forward to next month.


Anonymous said...

thats such a great idea!! and healthy too!!!

Craig said...

Nectarines (and peaches) are the taste of summer for me! It's a lovely perk for the employees, your employer should be praised for it.

Cynthia said...

Quelle belle idée, j'aimerais ça avoir ça au bureau!