Wednesday 15 July 2015

Getting stronger (through bruises and pain)

As usual, I had my Krav Maga course tonight. In the next two weeks, the course takes a break. I'm going to miss it. Tonight's class was fun, relatively relaxing I thought, maybe because it was the last one for two weeks. Or maybe I am getting stronger. We had many newbies tonight, the class is getting larger and larger. It is strange for me not to be a newcomer anymore. So anyway, I learned a few new tricks and earned a few more bruises. Maybe I am kidding myself entirely, but I do think I am getting stronger. Training is painful, but not nearly as exhausting as it was the first time. And I can take the pain now, I even welcome it. It may sound masochistic, but I know what comes with it: knowledge, reflexes, skills. After each class, I have the Rocky theme song in my head. Not much of a song really, more like a simple melody with a few words here and there. But it is one that expresses my state of mind perfectly, as well as I am sure the state of mind of many people learning a martial art. So I decided to upload it here.

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Ms Misantropia said...

Of course you are getting stronger, but you are also getting used to the "abuse" :), getting to know your body and its limits. I think many people could use such a lesson at one point or another. It might sound like a lame comparison, but years of yoga has taught me a lot about the strengths, limits and needs of my body - things I would never have known otherwise. So.. congratulations :)