Sunday 12 July 2015

The Chinese gods of the elements

 You might remember that I blogged earlier in the year about this book, from which I took this image. I am reading it at the moment, so I might blog about it in the future. It is overcast today and it reminded me of this image. This represents the gods of the elements: the lady in the center is the Lightning God (goddess), projecting beams of lights from the mirror she is holding. On the left you see the Thunder God, ugly and rather scary looking with his beak, clawed feet and bat wings and on the right you have the Wind God, barely less nasty looking. For some reason, completing the picture are two beautiful Chinese dragons. Apparently, the Thunder God was the most featured in legends and he looked far more threatening than he was, in fact he was known to help humans from time to time. So here it is. I thought the image looked quite nice and deserved to be shared on Vraie Fiction.


Anonymous said...

beautiful image!!! Really interesting,,

Craig said...

Yes indeed, it is a beautiful image.