Thursday 2 July 2015

The first full moon

A quick reminder to my readership: tonight is the full moon, in case you didn't know. And exceptionally, July this year will have two full moons. So it means that the second moon of July will be a blue moon. If you believe in werewolves, that means this month will be swarming with them. Unfortunately, I don't. And I don't turn into one either. According to Québec's folklore, I would be the perfect candidate to become a werewolf (as I haven't been to confession for a very long time). So every night of full moon, I am disappointed because I don't get any hairier and don't grow fangs or claws. But anyway, if you love full moons like I do, you will be served this month.


Cynthia said...

I've always taught that a blue moon had to do with the colour of the moon ! I learned something tonight :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

the buck moon was glorious here!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean more people will go batcrap crazy???? I am thinking it might, I don't really care for July at all, some crap rolls our way and it is so hot here in the pacific northwest one could just weep..Drought conditions and yahoos think they should still shoot off fireworks raally yahoos?!!!!!!!!! I live by a high school field the nuts shoot off lots of crap and scare the crap out of all the doggies and kitteh cats in the neighborhood, pretty dadblasted soon they will ban all that crap, some places could catch fire and boom shakala the high school could go down and or peoples homes..My neighbor thought he could throw tree stuff on our lawn, he got the shock of his life, we dumped it in his driveway and he was forced to take it to the place others do for a fee, the fire people came and informed him and her that they could burn down their home and adjoining neighbors for God's sake he is nearly 33 and acts like a creatin, soon they want to move and I pray they sell and go, who throws shit and tree crap in another's yard cause they won't pay at the place that takes the stuff reasonably I might add???? People today are not taught any manners and how to keep the environment tidy and welcoming no they don't! They have a big fireworks display gather food for the hungry and donations for hungry and homeless and veterans they cut it down so much people are bitching, we never go, it is ridiculously hot and it will be crowded and people drink before hand and it is a zoo there, actually a zoo is better the animals know how to contain themselves drunk humans don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!