Wednesday 1 July 2015

Summertime is Hell

Let it be known. It is hell. It was the first day of a heatwave today and because of this many trains got cancelled. And delayed. And delayed then cancelled. This evening after work, I waited for more than an hour for the train home to arrive, only to have it stop at the station before my stop... to go back to where it started. Something to do with the railway that could not come with the heat. Well, neither did I. In the end, taxis were called, we were six commuters crammed in one of these large ones that don't feel so big when you are crammed in them, to take the final journey home. And we were given one bottle of water. One small bottle of water. The train drivers were embarrassed and very apologetic. But if I could have had a few words with the decision makers who mismanaged the situation. Heatwaves annot be avoided, but you can and should manage them when they come.

Needless to say, I missed Krav Maga tonight. The one thing I was looking forward all week, in the middle of an exhausting week at work. In fact, looking forward is an understatement: I could barely wait for tonight, I needed the exercise, bugger the heatwave, I needed to feel exhausted and in pain in a pleasant way, feeling like I was accomplishing something. I am not merely angry, I am bloody outraged. Because that stupid train made me waste my evening.


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Craig said...

We don't deal well with excessive weather in this country. Too hot, too cold, too wet or too snowy and we come to a halt!

Cynthia said...

C'est nul que ça arrive le jour de ton cours! Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les trains ont tant de difficulté avec la chaleur ... il me semble qu'il y a des trains dans des pays où il fait bien plus chaud qu'en Europe!