Wednesday 29 July 2015

Signs of the coming autumn?

I know, I know, it is a strange title to have when July is not even over yet. But it is ending. And I cannot help but see and feel the signs in the air. I might be wrong. I am no sibyl or oracle. And I know I am pushing it as I usually blog about the signs of autumn coming in August, not July. So I hesitated a lot before blogging about them. But here they are. At least I think so. Maybe it is wishful thinking, you tell me:

-The temperature has gone down. Considerably for a month of July. Even when it is sunny, it is not hot. It is warm at best. I need to wear warmer clothes. Not heavy ones, but still.
-There is often a gentle breeze, not a warm one but a cool one, that can be actually surprisingly stingy. I only have the experience of this sort of breeze when autumn is coming.
-In the evenings, the temperature goes down a lot more.
-Talking of evening, the sun goes down earlier and earlier. Of course, this would be true anyway after the solstice, but when it gets cloudy, you can feel the evening falling far more. With the temperature cooling down and the wind, it really feels like autumn.

So there you have it. Maybe wishful thinking. August months, even September sometimes, have been hotter than July. All the same, I enjoy the cooler days and the signs, whether they are red herrings or genuine.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh goddess i hope you are right. you know, you are the first person i have ever heard mention this and something i always wonder about. it is killer hot here...KILLER HOT! but when i was out watering this morning, the breeze blew and i got chilly. this has happened to me often over the years and it is always when it is a scorching day. what's up with this?

Craig said...

I agree. I noticed it last week. Mind you up here we've not had any summer at all. One week at the end of April and then just an odd day here or there like today which is sunny but not exactly scorchio at 15C.

Cynthia said...

J'ai eu froid cette nuit malgré mon pantalon de pyjama et ma couette d'été en plume. Pour aller au travail j'ai du mettre ce matin un pantalon, des chaussures fermées, une chemise, un cardigan, un foulard en coton et un manteau en toile ... je suis habillée comme un mois d'octobre!

Rustic Pumpkin said...

Oh, not at all! I am with you on this. For weeks now, I have felt the 'certain feel' of Autumn, hardly daring to hope that it is here, for it is my most favourite season and I wait all year for the days of early Autumn. As you know, I've already blogged about it myself, and I'm so happy I am not alone in sensing her early presence. I have noticed the arrival, just a few days earlier than usual, often in the last four or five years. Maybe our seasons are changing? I for one will not be sad if our summers are cooler and shorter, if only we can get decent Springs and Autumns!