Friday 10 July 2015

The Friday (Subway) sandwich treat

After a hard week, I thought I deserved a Friday treat for tonight's dinner. And this was my treat: a disgusting, decadent Subway sandwich. Hearty Italian (?) bread, steak, melted cheese (spicy cheese, whatever that is), olives, pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet pepper, hot pepper, Deli mustard, barbecue sauce and I think that is all. The secret for a good sub sandwich if you have steak as your main filling is the olives and the mustard I think. And something spicy for good measure. It looks disgusting, but it is actually delicious, even though I am sure I will regret taking such a high amount of calories in one go.

We can say whatever we want about Subway, but the local one is actually a little gem in its own way. It is by far the best every Subway I ever been to. I was going for Subway food in two occasions when I was living in Québec: 1)I was starving and desperate for food and 2)I was drunk at the end of a night out and needed something to sponge the beer. For me, Subway serves food for the drunks. The local one, interestingly enough, closes at 9:00PM, which for me is the strangest thing. Maybe that's why it's such a good one: their clientele is not mainly composed of drunkards. What makes the big difference here is the staff: they are friendly, warm, even helpful. As far as submarine sandwiches go, the staff is enthusiastic even sometimes about them. Far from the bored drones we usually have in ours (I mentioned them here), who do the absolute minimum. The guy at the counter even made me taste a slice of pickle to make sure I'd like it! Just for the customer experience, I feel less guilty about eating that disgusting, greasy, yet delicious sandwich.

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Anonymous said...

we like Subway too, its a healthier alternative, we like to think, lol,
my husbands choice of sandwich sounds like yours!!!