Sunday 18 November 2012


This is a really lousy word play, but I had to write it as this post's title. I blogged about clementines before, last time was exactly a year ago. It was not intentional, I am just a desperatly predictable blogger. Clementines are my treat for the weeks leading to Christmas, one of my ways to gradually get into the spirit of the season. I don't start eating them before November and I don't eat them after December. I have two every evening, listening to music. So in sum, it is clementime and I encourage my readership to eat some. Have some vitamin C in a time when we all need it. And, as I blogged last year it tastes, smells and looks lovely. It brings colour to the grey days of November.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like clementines too but satsuma mandarins are what our stores are usually full of right around Christmas. Mandarins mean Christmas to me!

suzanne said...

I love clementines and like you, eat them only in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Just bought my first box last week! :O)

Guillaume said...

Thank you for the comments. In Montreal we have huge boxes, I miss them, here we only have small bags for the same price.