Sunday 4 November 2012

From Ohio to the edge of the world

I just read a bit of news that reminded me that we live in a small world. It is not a pleasant bit of news, as it is about a violent crime. The murder suspect of a murder in Ohio was caught in Saguenay. Saguenay is where I grew up (more precisely Chicoutimi). That the man managed to drive that far, from Ohio in the Midwest to up North in Québec, in the middle of nowhere and that his run ended there, I simply find it amazing. I guess he could run, but could not hide, not in a massively French speaking area, where tourism is low, in a time when it is even lower and visitors of any sorts are few. Still, I am not certain why but this bit of news fascinates me.


PJ said...

Pour paraphraser Blackadder: "I don't think he thought his cunning plan all the way through."

Cynthia said...

Il avait la double nationalité, peut-être était-il québécois?

Guillaume said...

Je ne pense pas Cynthia. Dans tous les cas, ce n'était pas très brillant comme idée. Il aurait dû se cacher à Montréal ou Toronto.