Thursday 15 November 2012

Time to book hunt?

If it looks like I blogged about it before, it is because I did. Recently at work, my colleagues and I discussed about the struggle bookshops were into, because of online shopping. Then there was this post by fellow Montrealer Kevin Burton Smith on his blog, which reminded me that I had not been in a bookshop for ages. We have here a W.H. Smith, but it is more like a glorified stationary shop. The rest are charity shops and, while you can find sometimes treasures, it is mostly poor quality paperbacks. I am longing to go to a decent size Waterstone's, where I can use my card, or Olivieri in Montreal, or Chapters in Ottawa, or... Well, anywhere I can find a decent choice. I want to book hunt. Sure, I have plenty of books, more than I have time to read. My books are scattered in two countries and no less than two cities and one town. Still, book hunting is a ritual I need to do from time to time. It is an overwhelming feeling like real hunting is for the hunter.


Cynthia said...

Là dessus on a de la chance à Paris, il est souvent plus facile de trouver une librairie indépendante qu'une grande surface, j'alterne entre les bouquiniste, les librairies et l'achat sur internet car il faut dire que c'est bien pratique!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's just not the same, book hunting on, is it?