Thursday 22 November 2012

The (poor) state of my Italian

Quick catch up post about one of my little obsessions. I tried to speak Italian today with a colleague. I can understand what she says (I knew this already), but I struggle to answer in the language. Not only to construct full sentences, but I hesitate to say words and thus I thing both my accent (accent which I am very proud of usually) and pronunciation suffer. I am learning Italian way too sporadically. I have been through the first six lessons of Assimil, I remember the words when I read or hear them, however I want to be able to speak Italian without the safety belt. So it means revising all the lessons I have been through, and trying to listen to take a few lessons every evening. I want to keep my brain active, and to develop my linguistic skills. W


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sort of like my French skills. Thirty years ago I was fluent in reading, writing and speaking. Now because of disuse, I remain fluent only in reading. My writing and speaking skills have sadly deteriorated.

Guillaume said...

My Italian skills were never that great, it is mainly my pronunciation and accent which are good.