Saturday 10 November 2012

An early sign of Christmas

I saw a sign of Christmas yesterday. Well, that is not extraordinary, they show up really early in this country, as early as September, even August, where they get in the way of Halloween displays. In November, however, I find it more fitting. It doesn't bother me when I notice one. So I was buying my usual Friday sandwich treat. I always have it with a Coca Cola and I noticed the Santa Claus on the can. Of course, this is very fitting and to be expected. I am glad this big, heartless, greedy corporation apparently had the decency to wait until November to advertise Christmas. It makes me feel less like a sucker drinking their products, even though we will very likely see their Santa Claus until March.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Did you know that Santa's suit is red with white fur because those are Coca-Cola's corporate colours and they have always marketed their soft drink through Santa at Christmas? An early example of branding!

Guillaume said...

Yes I know, although the paternity of the red suit is contested. There were previous representation of Santa Claus in red and his modern look is the result of a long evolution.