Thursday 1 November 2012

Hobbits airlines safety

This is the first English post of November. A quick one because I feel deflated. I was feeling very bluesy today, with Halloween being over and all. At work I have a Kiwi colleague and she showed us an advert/airplane safety instructions from Air New Zealand. I don't want to spoil any punch, but it features a certain mythical place featured in a classic book, which came to life in a certain trilogy of movies made by a certain Kiwi director in New Zealand. What else? Oh yes, there is a small nod at Dungeons & Dragons. In any case, it is irresistible and by far the coolest, most entertaining safety instructions I ever watched.


Gwen Buchanan said...

it's a cute mini movie.. they looked like they were having fun

Guillaume said...

It is very nice, and it keeps one's attention. Much more entertaining and useful than the usual dry safety instructions. Worth the flight in itself, I think.