Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The empty stocks of cream fudge

The picture on the right is one of cream fudge being made in my parent's house. This is a trivial post, but it is to me an important issue. So last Saturday I went to the local sweet shop. It may have been my last trip, as it will be closing soon. I bought some cream fudge, as I usually do and other stuff. The fudge is all gone. it took me two days, if that. I should have stocked more. One day, I may have to actually make cream fudge myself. I tried once in my life, I ended up with caramel. I am a bad cook.

I thought I would finish this trivial post with a funny anecdote, a great unknown line that is sort of about sugar. It was said by a pupil in one of the schools I used to work with and I have wanted to immortalise it on Vraie Fiction for quite a while. It was a difficult time, but some of the children were adorable. When some were winging about doing a tedious task, I used to say: "Come on, you are not made of sugar! You are not gonna melt with the effort." I was in a history class in year 6 (I think) once and said this to one of the girls. Another girl then said laughing: "Yeah, you are not very sweet!" I tried to tell her off, but I was laughing too much. I managed to ask her to be nice to her fellow pupils, but I was still laughing. I remember that line every time I have somethign high in sugar.


PJ said...

Le sucre à la crème et les différentes formes de caramel, c'est jamais facile à faire. Tout est dans la température et le temps.

Gwen Buchanan said...

That's Cute! but I have to tell you that you have made me crave for sweet creamy fudge.. I haven't good fudge in such a long time.

The Gill-Man said...

Too funny! Love when kids say things like this!

Guillaume said...

@PJ-C'est un calvaire à faire. Mais je ne suis stocké aujourd'hui.
@Gwen-Oh I am sorry (or thanks?)! It seems that my writing always affects your appetite.
@The Gill-Man-It was very funny. I jsut couldn't tell her off.