Sunday, 5 August 2012

A storm and the evening sun

This is another post about the little nothings that make life. Today we had a few storms, from late in the morning until the afternoon. I absolutely love storms, with the schizophrenic summer we have been having (cold, then hot, then not so hot again) they have been rare so I enjoy them when they come. So far this summer had plenty of rain, but little storm.

But the storm made me rediscover something else I did not enjoy much this summer: reading outside. Because it has been raining a lot, I didn't go outside much to read. In the early evening, as the sun had come out, I went in the garden to read a few pages. The air was fresh and wet, just comfortable enough, and there was the smell of smoke in the air (I wonder where it came from, I couldn't see any smoke). Smoke during summertime (or at any time indeed) can have sinister overtones, but it just smelled lovely. I think I might read by candlelight one evening, just for the smell of it. I should read outside more often too, and not only when it is hot.


Anonymous said...

From time to time in summer when we have electrical storms, we lose power. There is nothing I love more than the candlelight. And the quiet from all the electrical buzz. At times like that you realise how much noise modern living creates. It is so evident when the power goes off.

Guillaume said...

Oh I love to read by candlelight! I do this way too seldom. Wine and cheese by candlelight or by the fire, then reading. Pure happiness.