Wednesday 1 August 2012

The bats and the moon

I have been spending the last few minutes looking at the window, wide eyed. The sun was nearly down, but the moon on the other hand was nearly full, so there was enough light so I could see very well the bats flying. Quick shadows flying over the garden. I could not take pictures sadly, the bats are simply too fast. And the moon shining was simply gorgeous.

We learn things every day (or every night). I checked on Google if tonight was not a full moon, I discovered that it was tomorrow, but more importantly that we will have two full moons in August. More about it here. The second one is called, well a Blue Moon. More on this on Wikipedia. Anyway, I know the bats were never gone, but it was nice to see them again, so well, in such an atmospheric setting.

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Anonymous said...

It almost seems an event worth celebrating...August Blue Moon...It could even be the title of a song or a poem:-) Full moons are lovely. I once went walking with my dogs by the light of the full moon. I especially miss the countryside at a time like this, the city lights obscure the beauty of the moonlight. But it is still lovely.