Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Snickers and energy boosts

Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is because I work so darn hard sometimes, but I have discovered that in the afternoon I often feel deflated after lunch and I am in need of an energy boost. I go the lazy way: instead of making a healthy balanced lunch, I munch something quickly then get myself a chocolate treat fill of sugar and bad stuff, but it also allows me to get the energy I need (and the comfort) to finish my day. Since Café2U is gone, I have to get my sugar intakes from the vending machine. I have tried many different chocolate bars, but now I have settle for Snickers. I don't find them as good as their sisters the Mars bars, but they have peanuts in them, so that means it has also proteins, not only sugar, so I don't feel so guilty eating it. But I love peanuts too. And chocolate. And caramel. So I have the essential energy and the just as essential endorphin to survive the afternoon. Moral of the story: comfort is a biochemical reaction.


PJ said...

Évidemment, moi je préfère les barres Mars, qui au Canada ne contiennent même pas de traces de pinottes. Mais avec mes broches, plus de caramel et autres sucreries collantes pour au moins un an et demi. Mais une barre Mars et un coke, c'est la collation qui m'a permis d'avoir la deuxième meilleure note de tout le cégep de Jonquière en biologie. C'est le seul cours où on avait des examens de soir.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I like Snickers too...they seem more filling than just a plain chocolate bar. But I prefer a Mars Chocolate Almond Bar myself! Although it's not always easy to find!

Mantan Calaveras said...

I used to have the same problem. I used to drink a lot of sugary afternoon drinks.

I've started having a Reed's Elixer or chia seed kombucha for breakfast, along with an Oskri coconut or quinoa bar, Raw bar, or other such hippy-dippy organic-y wanicky nutrition bar. I'm usually good until dinner, unless I'm doing a lot of brain work.

I am convinced that brain-work burns fat and sugar, and lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I read this after I am home for the night, or else I would have taken a munchie detour to get one of my favourite chocolates...yup a Snickers:-) yum yum yum.