Sunday, 12 August 2012

A sandwich related great unknown line

It seems that most of the great unknown lines I find or say are food related. The last one was about alcohol. A month ago I wrote one about milk and tea. Yesterday, I went to a "new" café to buy a sandwich. I say "new" as the café opened this year. I am not into coffee, but I love to try new sandwich places and this café is just as much a sandwich counter as it is a café. And I love to encourage new businesses, especially since they have to tendency to struggle and close quickly here. So I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich,w hite bread. The man asked: "do you want cream cheese, lemon juice and rocket salad with this?" To which I replied: "Well, it seems that you know me already!" This is the great unknown line.


Anonymous said...

That is funny:-) I hope it was a great sandwich.

Louise said...


Guillaume said...

@Anonymous-It wasd elicious, thank you!
@Loulou-Ciout? Comme dans "cute"?