Sunday, 12 August 2012

High sea adventures (and a song)

This photo is the sign of a local pub, aptly called The Ship. When I drink there, I usually have a Smuggler or a Mutiny, depending of what's available. Strange name for a pub, as this town is close to a river, but far from the sea.

I was thinking about my childhood games around the family swimming pool, and many of them were high sea adventures. In a way, I didn't really grow up: instead of playing make belief games about high sea adventures, I daydream about them, drinking a beer with an evocative name, in a pub with an evocative name. The ship image reminds me of a movie I particularly love: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea . it was showing on TV recently. I watched a bit of it, distractly. I said back in 2008 that I needed to buy the DVD. I still haven't done it. It is the kind of movie that needs to be watched during summertime. I better hurry up, as it will not be summer for much longer. I know I uploaded this song before, but since this blog needs music from time to time and since it is still summertime and I had this in mind, I thought I would upload it again, this time with Kirk Douglas's movie performance. It is quite funny, if you think about it, a genuine musical number in an adventure, high budget blockbuster movie. And it works beautifully.

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