Friday, 24 August 2012

First blast of Autumn

Last Sunday, I blogged about a sudden rise of temperature, as we had a few days of pure heat, as if we had been in the middle of summertime. August looked and felt like July. Less than a week later, it suddenly feels and look like September, if not October. Today was cold, it was cloudy as if the skies were about to burst open and bleed water (cheap poetry I know) and it was windy. The trees were green, yet the feel was autumnal. We didn't have much of a summer this year, it often was too wet and too cool. I feared the following season would get too warm. Because of karma or something. It might still be the case. However, I think today we had a first blast of autumn, what it would be, cold and merciless.


suzanne said...

Still waiting for those cooler temperatures. It's been an unusually hot summer here :/

Guillaume said...

Yes I have heard it is quite hot in Canada. Here it never was, apart from a few days here and there. Now it looks like autumn is about to settle in. Touch wood.