Saturday, 18 August 2012

An old tower and a great unknown line

As I mentioned yesterday in my rambling nostalgia post, my brother is in Norway. He already uploaded a few pictures on Facebook. The world has definitely become a much smaller place. Among them, a picture of an old (medieval?) tower, absolutely beautiful. I apologise if I did not publish here, but these are his pictures and he has a blog, so I will let him do it himself. That said, he wrote on Facebook a great unknown line, not a funny/comical one, but something that sums up in a nutshell the look of the old continent: "It wouldn't be Europe without an old tower". It is true. I wonder if only tourists or immigrants like me notice it.


Anonymous said...

I remember as a child visiting Britain. I would complain that my parents were dragging us to yet another 'old church'. Some of these were magnificent cathedrals, but as a child not fully appreciating the architecture or history, they all started to look the same. Your brother's line is most true:-)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Sure am glad these historical architectural structures are still in the landscape.. beauty from the past.

PJ said...

For those who want to know, it's the Rosenkratz tower.

Guillaume said...

@Anonymous-As a child I was a devout Catholic, so was always in awe looking at cathedrals.
@Gwen-I am glad too. Beauty from the past, and beauty that lasted.