Saturday 28 July 2012

The family swimming pool

I blogged about it in French before and recently, last time here. We had a cooler day today, the heatwave never quite came in full force, but it is still summer and I associate summertime with swimming pools. This swimming pool in particular. The family swimming pool, which we have since I was five.

The swimming pool was in fact, when I was a child, a playground. We had many make believe games there: it was a high sea, the hull of a sunken ship, the sea by a Crab Key like island (owned by a Dr No kind of badguy), the Nile or the Amazon rivers, filled with sharks, crocodiles,squids, pirates, sea monsters, what have you. This was the setting for many exotic adventures. I wonder if someone else than a child, or someone who has been a child and used it, can see this in this picture.


PJ said...

J'aime comment les cèdres envahissent la place. Il fut un temps où on tondait le gazon entre la haie et la clôture!

tao.owl said...

Looks like the perfect pool for "Sharks and Minnows"; I loved playing that game when I was a wee lass :-)

Anonymous said...

This post makes me smile, and takes me back to my childhood. We used to recreate scenes from the 'Man from Atlantis', play Marco Polo and any other number of make believe games. We spent entire days in the pool emerging all wrinkly and happy:-) Great summer memories.