Thursday 5 July 2012

The Detective Tales cover for July

I had difficulties again finding the Detective Tales cover to upload for July. Too many of the July covers are a little bit, well, racist: look at the depiction of the Chinese. They all look like Fu Manchu's minions. I had uploaded a July cover back in 2008, which depicted the hero against evil Middle Eastern or Indian villains. I wonder of exotism in pulp fiction can be devoid of racism.

But anyway, I finally found one interesting enough, the one of July 1941. Another very dynamic picture: the hero, very virile, having the very classic look of the private eye or police officer, holding two guns in his hands, his arms cuffed with the arms of two other persons, a femme fatale in a red dress and a sinister, brutish looking older man. Judging by the angry way the man and the woman glare at the hero, I can see they are villains. But they are also in danger, since the hero is gunning in our direction at adversaries outside the frame. Why they would still be angry at him and not at this unknown party is beyond me. Even if the people the hero is shooting at are their allies, they can still kill them with a lost bullet. The hoodlum and the femme fatale must really have a grudge against the hero. Or maybe they are angry because his actions are putting their lives in danger. I wish I could read this story. But like for many of them, what I imagine is probably better.

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