Thursday 26 July 2012

Summer smoke

As I was walking to the train station this morning I saw a big cloud of smoke from afar, that seemed to be coming from some woodlands. I checked on local news and no fire had been reported. I wonder what it was. Smoke in summertime, the look and its smeel especially, is something that gets stuck in my mind, as I mentioned last year. If it is a sign of what I suspect, a forest fire, then it is another tell tale sign of the dangers of summertime, or its more threatening aspects. I blogged about it yesterday. The smoke I saw this morning reminded me about it.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that I don't live in California. Those wildfires each summer look horrendous. We visited Hollywood at the end of a very bad fire season and the smog, and smoke made it very unpleasant. I didn't like the city as it was, but the dirty air made L.A one of my least memorable stays, and I can't say that I would get at all excited about returning if the opportunity presented itself. But wildfires add another dimension to the heat of an unbearable summer season, for sure.

Guillaume said...

Where I grew up wild fires were frequent in dry summertimes. You could smell the smoke from the heart of Chicoutimi, so distinctive. Some were anturally made: the forest self-combusts to regenerate. But of course many were man made.