Friday 6 July 2012

Atheist Eve on hiatus?

I have just read this update from the Atheist Eve strip. I love the monthly web comic, I love how Tracie Harris defends an argument so efficiently in such a restricted format, with intelligence and genuine humour. Among my favourite strips are Real Christians, Witnesses, Happy Eostre, Who Wrote the Bible?, Was it Offensive? and of course Remember (Why it matters). They are among my monthly internet treats, Tracie Harris is also always a pleasure to listen to on The Atheist Experience and Godless Bitches (which I don't listen to enough). I can understand that she has been very busy and that the comics had to be momentarily sacrificed. Still, I have been missing it for a while now.

I once suggested to her in a comment on The Atheist Experience blog that she writes a book, maybe a whole comic book, something like "Atheism made plain" or something like that, where she would explain how someone comes to disbelief and why. She has the intelligence and the skills to do it. If she was writing one right now, I would forgive her for putting Atheist Eve on ice.


PJ said...

Honnêtement, ça vaut pas Sinfest, qui n'a évidemment pas le même but, mais quand vient le temps de poser des questions philosophico-religieuses ou politique, est beaucoup plus drôle, subtil, et a un meilleur dessin.

Guillaume said...

Atheist Eve n'a pas le meilleur dessin, mais c'est un webcomic intelligent et éducatif (sans jamais être gnan gnan).