Wednesday 11 July 2012

A new great unknown line

It has been nearly a month since I didn't blog here a great unknown line. So it will be the first (and maybe last) great unknown line of July. And again, it is about often. Today, a colleague had a couple of small Cadbury's chocolate bars. I can't remember exactly the names, but they were small, thin caramel bars covered in chocolate. Like every time someone brings some candies or cakes, she offered them to the people around, including me. She gave me two bars, saying: "Have more, you are a living dustbin." To which I replied: "This is false, unlike bins, I don't take the wrapping." I mean,  I know I have a sweet tooth and I need my glucid intakes on a gloomy day, but I don't swallow just anything.


Anonymous said...

Lol. That was a sweet insult if ever I heard one:-)

Guillaume said...

I guess I do get embarrassing when I crave sugar.