Wednesday 25 July 2012

Evil Sun

And no, I am not talking about the tabloid. I came up with this title today, which sounds a lot like one of Agatha Christie's novels. This was not intentional. I just thought it would be a great title. And now I have to find a post to fit the title, to be worthy of it...

Well, I came to think about it because the sun and heat a lot of people here (including me) have been craving for has nearly giving me sunburns already. I avoided it, I think, but I feel my skin red and dry and it is utterly uncomfortable, either inside or outside. The sun when it is strong is plain evil. Crime fiction is often read during summertime, not only because it is a "light" read, but because it is a bloody one. Plots set during summertime, on sticky hot days show evil men doing evil things. Same thing goes with spaghetti westerns: it's all about lots of sweaty men with skins darkened and roughened by a merciless heat, killing each others in gunfights in the middle of the day. Meursault killed blinded by the sun. The sun can lead to madness, sometimes even to murder. The sun corrupts food, attracts vermin on it, it dries rivers, it can blindly turn entire countries into deserts. Oh and it gives sunburns.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Ahh yes...that evil sun, nemesis of mine! Indeed I can see how it drives men to do heinous things. I think I am allergic to the sun...ha! Must be the 'vampire' or 'witch' in me...a denizen of the darkness I'll forever be
Glad to be back! :o)

Cynthia said...

Lots of restaurants don't have air con around here so I tend to avoid them as I got sick a few times last summer.

I tend to avoid the sun as I'm "allergic" to it, which sucks.

I was thinking about going to WH Smith to buy crime novels for my holidays !

suzanne said...

Now that you mention it, yes! Heat and crime do go together well. We've been having an unusually hot summer here. Maybe I'll pick up a few whodunits.

Although . . . I think Christmas is still my favourite setting for a classic mystery.