Saturday 14 July 2012

The tea and milk controversy

I recently posted this line on my Facebook Wall: "Twinings suggests to drop a dash of milk in their English Breakfast tea. This is barbaric." It generated noless than 23 comments so far, including my own. I think in itsel qualifies it as a great unknown line. I said in the title of the post that it was a controversy, but in fact not really: people in an overwhelming majority agree with me. In fact, everybody did. It shows that many people share the opinion I wrote before on this blog, about two years ago, that milk was primitive. I feel less alone.


Mantan Calaveras said...

Green tea goes undiluted, sure, milk don't mix. But black teas, jasmine tea, etcetera, I like a little milk to cream them up. It makes the flavor richer, it compliments the nuances of the tea.

Just as with coffee, to some palates, the drink would be too bitter, too acrid without, a touch of cream to balance them.

The invocation of barbarism is interesting, considering that "barbarian" cultures were often more sophisticated and humane than their civilized counterparts.

I would much rather be counted among the barbarian hordes of history, heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Yup I am a barbarian too:-) But I must confess that I don't tolerate dairy at all well. I drink rooibos tea, or camomile black however. But I do find english tea too bitter without the milk. Happy tea time!

Guillaume said...

@Martan Calaveras-The mention of barbarism has also some cultural/historical basis: the Ancient Greeks had the Cyclops be cheese eaters (when they were not eating man flesh, of course). I also think the Chinese, who don't drink their tea with milk and are often lactose intolerant, must have thought the British to be ruffians diluting tea with milk. And as I said on Facebook: Alex in A Clockwork Orange is a milk drinker. I rest my case: milk is for thugs. That said, I love milk, but by itself, with a dessert. I often drink the milk brought with the teapot when I order tea somewhere.
@I think it might not be healthy the way I drink black tea, but I find milk to get in the way of the flavour and perfume. I like my milk on its own, not mixed with anything else, except chocolate.

Cynthia said...

Black tea with milk and sugar tastes like candy, I love it especially in the winter!

Guillaume said...

@Cynthia-Sugar? This is downright corruption! The Fall of Rome in a teacup!