Friday 13 July 2012

Music in the library (and Mozart)

I stopped at the local library on my way back from work tonight. I was tired, it had started pouring rain and I thought before I get soaked (although I did in the end), I would stop there. I hadn't done so in a long while. It was quite relaxing. There were two middle aged guitarists there, playing some music, sometimes singing (I heard What a Wonderful World). I used to think libraries should be havens of silence. I was adamant about it. As a teenager, I even requested to the librarians of my high school to turn off the radio they used to play every morning. But this evening, I actually enjoyed the music and the string playing. It felt calming and heavenly. I flickered through books on British wildlife, history, what have you, and it felt nice.

It was not opera, but I thought I would upload an trio from Cosi fan tutte here. Something calming for the weekend. Just because. Had it been Mozart, I would have stayed the whole evening there.


Anonymous said...

Maybe to attract people back to libraries, to reading we do need to make them more inviting, dare I say entertaining. It would be interesting to know if that was your local library's idea. It sounds just lovely.

Guillaume said...

I wonder whose idea it was too. It is a popular library and in small towns libraries are also community centers, organising activities to children and families.