Wednesday 18 July 2012

A philosophical (and funny) great unknown line

I re-read the blog of my youngest brother, which he writes, or used to so very sporadically. So it is easy to get through it. Anyway I saw that back in 2008 he commented on one of his posts a funny line about his academic background. And I laughed enough to decide to place it here it on my own blog as a great unknown line: "You can tell I'm a philosophy major, 'cuz I use words like uselessness..."


Devadar said...

I don't blog often, but I blog good.

Louise said...

Le lecteur apprécie avoir le temps...c'est bien...

People blog to tell, to informe, to share and sometimes, to get it out.
I like sharing. Like now, I'm about to watch videos shown on this website:
A friend recommended them.

It seems that it brings arguments to those who condemns oligarchies.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I like it.. makes me smile