Sunday, 24 July 2011

Musing on a summery Sunday

It is for once a beautiful summery day, both sunny and warm. But bearably so, it is not a heatwave and one can be outside with light clothes and shades and feel comfortable. It has been overall a very quiet and pleasant day.

I say this and of course this is not the case for everyone: there has been a terrible attack in Norway which we still feel the aftermaths and fans, friends and family of Amy Winehouse are grieving. I do not intend to blog specifically about either of these events. The first one depresses me terribly, the second one (sadly) did not surprise me. Anyway, there was enough pain and suffering in such little time to try to enjoy little pieces happiness we can find here and now.

For me, it has just been a quiet, sunny Sunday. I appreciate it more since we had so far an uneven Summer. I am not the biggest fan of hot days (not without a swimming pool anyway), but one enjoy more seasonal changes if there are actually seasonal changes. Anything but that muddled nowhere season we had most of the time this year.


PJ said...

Si t'as vu le vidéo du dernier concert d'Amy Winehouse, qui est pitoyable, tu te demandes pourquoi ses copains n'ont pas poussé plus fort l'intervention pour la désintox. Alors, non, ce n'est pas surprenant.

La Norvège par contre, c'est triste par rienque un peu. Par curiosité macabre, j'ai vérifié que, proportionellement, cette tuerie en Norvège à fait plus de morts par capita que le 11 septembre au États. Ça donne une idée de l'ampleur de la tragédie. On peut parier que le prochain camp de jeunesse politique sur une île aura de la sécurité armée sur le site.

tao.owl said...

We have been glued to the tele all day today watching the BBC with shock. It may be a hot summer day; however, a dark gloomy cloud hovers in the skyline.

Anonymous said...

There are days that sadness is all you see on the television or in the newspaper, and so to recognise beauty on a summer's day, to celebrate the small joys is what keeps one sane I think.