Saturday, 2 July 2011

Music in the park

Today when I opened the windows of the flat I could hear music coming from the small (very small) music festival taking place the little park nearby. Since it is not every day that we have a festival virtually at the doorstep and that it is important to get in touch with a community we technically belong to we decided to go there. There was not many people, but a nice little number of families, young children, elderly people, and a few dogs. The music was American folk stuff sung a capella by a couple, not exactly my favourite thing, but they did also sing On the Bank or the Roses, which is enough to make me happy. The local radio station (the same one that was supposed to air an audio recording of the play I was in but has not done so yet) also played some music from the... Montreal Jazz Festival. Strange how close I can feel from home sometimes.

There was also a good deal of real ales available, some of them from the local brewery. Sadly, as I had drank a lot the night before with my colleagues, my liver and stomach were in no state to receive more alcohol today (I don't believe in hair of the dog remedies). So I did not appreciated this afternoon out as much as I could have had, had I not been hangover. It was still a lovely time, just warm enough to be comfortable and just quiet enough for a public event. And there is more of it tomorrow...

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