Saturday, 30 July 2011

African art

This picture was taken in France, in Brittany to be more precise, last year. I don't know why I haven't published it before. There was one of those free "around the world" exhibitions, with pictures and art from, well, around the world, or at least exotic places. I loved those figures. I don't know exactly where they are from except well, sub-saharian Africa. I love their simplicity and the eerie impression you have watching them. Their faces look like they belong to real people and if it wasn't for their height and the fact that they are on pikes, one could believe they are Africans walking around. They look a bit like inhumanly tall, red ghosts.


PJ said...

Ces statues me rappellent les marionettes de machin-chose-là, anyway, tu sais de quelles marionettes et de quel(le) artisan(e) je parle. Faudra que tu me rappelles le nom pour tes lecteurs et lectrices.

Anonymous said...

I dont much care for african masks and I live in Africa. They creep me out. Precisely for that reason I think, because they are so realistic and scary. Shivers:-)