Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dreaming of a long train journey

Last week I was watching Great British Railway Journeys on BBC2, which was set in Liverpool. I could see the Liverpool Lime Street station, which I was going through every morning and evening for my commute. I have been missing Liverpool recently, for other reasons. I have also been missing other places, and then it struck me: what I am longing for is a slow, long train journey, from South to North, stopping at all these places I want to revisit. I consider that often the journey matters more than the arrival, especially by train.

I would probably have to make a connection in dreaded London, but hopefully it would not be for long. Then up to Liverpool for a day, where I would visit the places I used to walk daily. Then the next day I would go up to a long overdue pilgrimage in Manchester. Then the next day, up to Scotland, for another long overdue visit. Then after a few days, I would do the slow return home. But I think I feel more at home up in the North, in those places I visited and want to visit again, than in the South.

And of course, inbetween, there would be the long, slow train journey. I like it long and slow, when I can be comfortable and when I can stop somewhere to stretch my legs. I would bring a good stash of books to keep me company and bring the iPod with me for some music. And I would be set.


suzanne said...

I love train journeys. A goal of mine is to travel by train across Canada (or as far as I am able to, thanks to Via Rail cuts).

PJ said...

@Halloween Spirit: Via Rail isn't as good as European trains, but I have yet to try it outside the Quebec-Windsor corridor. I don't know if I'd have the patience to, say, head all the way to Vancouver. But you can get some pretty decent deals when they have a sale. And if it's the best alternative to a car to go from Montreal or Ottawa to Toronto and vice-versa.

@Guillaume: ça d'l'air d'un maudit bel itinéraire de vacances en Grande-Bretagne. Moi je ne dirais pas non itou.