Sunday, 10 July 2011

Omertà will be back in Québec again

A few years ago, in my first year as a blogger, I blogged about Omertà, which I consider to be one of the best TV drama Québec ever made, and maybe the best contribution to Québec's crime fiction. Well, it certainly reopened the door: Quebeckers are interested about the genre. You can find more about the series in my original post (this one, in case you had skipped my first link).

Back when I blogged about it, I said I was desperate to see Omertà again. Back in 2008, there was a project of a new series in the pipeline, but nothing seemed to be done to go forward to production. Well, as those of you who read French know, my prayers have been answered. Sort of. There will be a movie, called Le projet Omertà, that is a sequel/follow up/new installment to the original series. As I mentioned in my French post, I am both excited about it and worried. I have reservations about the project, for those reasons:

1)The casting. The original series was a mix of big names (in Québec, that is) and unknown. In the movie, it is filled with Québec celebrities: Rachelle Lefevre who was in the Twilight movies, Stéphane Rousseau who is a famous stand up comic recycled actor since he played in The Barbarian Invasion, Patrick Huard who is another household name and even René Angelil, Céline Dion's husband! I mean was it really necessary? It lacks the fraîcheur and unexpected nature of the casting of the original series, which allowed us to see the characters before the names.
2)The format. Omertà was originally a TV series: the plot can be complex and unfold without being rushed, characters can be developed, even minor ones, a whole atmosphere can be created. The original series carried us from the mean streets of Montreal filled with prostitutes and junkies (often both) to the big neighborhoods where mafiosi, businessmen  and corrupted politicians met. I am not sure if a movie format can make us travel as well from one world to the other. It's possible, but it is going to be difficult.
3)The plot. It is going to involve stolen gold. Gino Favara (played by Ron Lea), the head of the mafia in season two and three, wanted to import Russian gold illegally in Canada. it is repetitive.

That said, as I am a big fan and as I have been desperate to see this world and its characters again, I will watch it. Eagerly. And to conclude this post on a positive note, I will put here the excellent atmospheric theme music of the series, written by Michel Cusson, which I found on Youtube, with many clips from the series. Enjoy:

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