Sunday, 10 July 2011

An unusual scarecrow

This picture was taken last year when we visited a cottage/garden. It was meant to scare the ducks and pigeons, but it didn't seem to have much effect: there was a duck cooling down in one of the fountains. It is still an interesting artifact and it gave the cottage some character.

It might not be as scary as the classic scarecrows, it is not even meant to scare crows, it still has some of its characteristics: it is made of twigs, it looms over a piece of land menacingly and it guards a piece of countryside. You can find many sculptures of predators (hawks or owls) in urban settings to scare piegons, but they don't look anything like scarecrows, just like almost exact representations of the animals. I prefer the real, live thing. When they are copies, I like them made of twigs or straw.

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PJ said...

Les rapaces postiches, ça n'a aucun effet. Celui sur la photo bien que singulier, est fort probablement tout aussi inefficace. Je l'ai dis et je le répète, l'épouvantail est plus efficace pour faire peur aux humains. Aux enfants en particulier, surtout quand il est cloué au mur de la chambre...