Monday, 2 May 2016

Tropical tea mugs

I found this picture on the Facebook page of David's Tea. They have a new collection of tropical tea mugs and other stuff. So summer is not nearly here yet, but they already have their summer collection. It makes sense, really. And it looks really nice, I have to say. I love David's Tea's accessories, sometimes more than their teas. I think it is when autumn comes that they make their very best designs, maybe because it is my favourite season. That said, this is nevertheless very nice and fitting. And every year, their designs get better and better. Now I will not buy any, because I already have plenty and in any case if I buy another mug from them it would be from their upcoming autumnal collection (they are that great). That said, a bit of colour on this blog is nice and if you love tea like me and are in a tropical mood, maybe you'd like to buy one of these mugs.

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Nellie said...

Happy Monday to you! This is a weakness of mine - buying mugs!:-) I really need no more, but I am very tempted by these you've pictured!