Saturday 28 May 2016

Return to Wallingford and its bookshop

A bit more than a month ago, I blogged about the possibility to visit Wallingford again. It took longer than expected, but we finally returned there again today. It was a relatively short visit, a few hours of the afternoon, but as usual it was very enjoyable. Wallingford is simply one of my favourite little English towns. Even the journey there is pleasant, with lots of greenery and lovely view of the English countryside. As my readership knows, Wallingford also has one thing which drags me to it: its own independent bookshop. It's a small business, but it has a really good variety of books and many titles you seldom find in big chains. This is where we first stopped today. We did not stay long, but enough for me to buy two books (more on that in another post). I always find something there. The only regret we have is that the Ticklers were not with us: they were supposed to come, but there was a scheduling conflict so they missed us. And we missed them. On the positive side, it means that we will have another excuse to visit Wallingford in the near future.

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