Saturday, 7 May 2016

Our first scarecrows

As I mentioned in an earlier post today, my wife and I went in the town's May Fayre, one of my favourite events of the month. We were walking through the various stalls and the products sold by local artisans and small businesses owners, when her attention was caught by a shop selling small scarecrows, that are stuck on the ground with wooden sticks. The Ticklers, who were with us, were enthusiastic about them, for some reason, and communicated their enthusiasm to my wife. We are moving house and if everything goes well, we will have our own garden for the first time of our life. So of course, if we have our own garden, we might as well have our own scarecrows guarding it. So I bought two. They were very cheap: the smallest was £1.50 and the bigger one which you can see on the picture, £2.50. The girls named him Rusty because of his orange trousers. For me, scarecrows are autumnal creatures and Rusty looks indeed very autumnal. Since if everything goes well we should be in our new home just before autumn starts, buying scarecrows today was an inspired purchase.


PJ said...

T'en mettras un dans la chambre de ton fils pour le traumatiser toute sa vie.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now THAT'S looking ahead!