Saturday, 28 May 2016

Scary scarecrows?

As I mentioned three weeks ago, I recently bought scarecrows to put in the garden of our future new home when we move in. I love scarecrows and since I'm a lousy gardener (read: I barely did ever gardening at all) I thought they would personalize the new place. My brother PJ commented on the post: "You can put one in the bedroom of your son to traumatize him for the rest of his life". PJ had received one scarecrow doll1/plush for his birthday, a bit like the one you can see on the picture. It was a big thing and it gave him nightmares. So I think my bro's comment was not merely a jest: he was seriously warning me about potential childhood traumas. And he may be right: I blogged years ago about the menacing and creepy nature of scarecrows. So I am not so sure about buying more for the garden. In any case, my brother's comment deserves to be a great unknown line.


PJ said...

Il faut dire que ce n'était pas un toutou qu'on trimbale mais un truc accroché au mur, et il n'avait pas le visage joyeux des épouvantails que tu as achetés. C'était un bonhomme quand même relativement lugubre, (sus)pendu au dessus de nous, le regard fixé sur mon lit. S'il avait été à porté de main, mobile et contrôlable, il n'aurait pas été aussi épeurant.

Anonymous said...

your brothers comment makes a lot of sense,, I have never been a fan of scarecrows lol, I must also have a bad experience from childhood hidden away in my subconscious because I also find them creep, even the ones that smile,

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i like to make my own scarecrows! i think i will make one for the blog techs front porch this year!