Friday 26 February 2016

A fireman? Me?

Something came on my Facebook memory feed today, an anecdote dating back from two years ago that was both funny and sweet. So two years ago, the then two years old son of a friend of us (especially very close friend of my wife, they met at uni) said to his mother (who reported the fact on Facebook): "I want Guillaume to be a fireman!" His mother asked: "Do you think he'll make a good fireman?" to which he replied: "Yeah! And he won't cry!" That was so funny! And it made you go "aaawww", didn't it? I really wonder why he said that and I regret not asking him. Now he probably doesn't remember. I really don't think I'd be a good fireman, actually: the smoke would certainly make me cry, for one, and I don't like heat. But if a child says it... At least he said a new great unknown line. Well, a two years old one, but it deserves to be immortalized on Vraie Fiction.

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