Sunday 21 February 2016

Of cats and trains

Recently, the Facebook page of the National Railway Museum (maybe my favourite museum in the world) brought my attention on two articles, one about the resident cat at the Hudderfield Station who "works" as pest controller and one about the cat of St Alban station who found his rightful owner after three years of squatting there. I had heard of station dogs, but not station cats. Cats and trains, what's not to love in these news? One observation: both cats are tuxedo cats, just like my Domino (pictured left). I observed cats dwelling in train stations myself, in fact I can see them daily, but none are sociable, not nearly as much as they two are anyway. And I love the fact that the Huddersfield cat Felix is used as pest control. Not only is he useful, but he must make the days pleasant for both travelers and staff.

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Rustic Pumpkin said...

I am yet to meet a cat that earns its keep as a pest controller. It has been many years since I was owned by a cat and hope one will pick me sometime soon again. I think trains and cats are a purrfect combination. Sorry, couldn't resist a bad pun!