Saturday 6 February 2016

A feline stranger?

I am back home since this morning. I was greeted by my wife, who was happy and relieved to see me. I say relieved as she had to take care of Domino for two weeks and he had been quite demanding, as our cat sometimes is. But Domino's attitude regarding my return was one of complete and utter indifference. He has been smelling my suitcase with curiosity when I was taking my (cat?) nap, but he has carefully avoided any of my attempt to stroke or cuddle him, swiftly left the rooms when I entered in them or hid under the bed. He is under it now. According to one of my Facebook friends, Domino is just being "cat" and thus grumpy. I am wondering if he is avoiding me out of fear or just to spite me. Still, I find it difficult to see him behaving like I am a complete stranger. I guess it's catitude.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's punishing you for going away. But don't worry -- he'll come around and then you'll be in his good books again.

Ms Misantropia said...

I believe that human anthropomorphize cats way too much, and that cat brains actually can't think in ways of grudges/punishment/spite/consequences. Domino was used to you and then suddenly you were gone. He got used to that too because he had to, then suddenly you were back (with a bunch of unfamiliar smells on top of that). Changes are confusing, assimilating takes some time. Hiding under the bed is a sign of an animal feeling unsure of a situation, that's it. He'll be back to his usual self soon!

Anonymous said...

our cats did the same thing,, he will forgive you,, all will be well,