Tuesday 23 February 2016

The Yorkshire Herald building

I am blogging again about my time in York, simply because I have been going through the photos we took there. It is an excuse like any other to share them with you, my readership. York is one of the most picturesque city in England. I remember when I used to work in a school (the ok one, not the awful one), one of my colleagues who was from York had told me it was a beautiful city full of character when I asked her what to see there. And she was right. Walking around the city you can see as much as feel the history of every place. I love old buildings, as you know. So I take pictures of everything that looks like it has a past. In our daily walk by the river (and York is an ideal city to walk through), the old Yorkshire Herald building caught my attention. It is simply gorgeous, imposing without looking too intimidating or vulgar. The Yorkshire Herald does not exist anymore, not under this name anyway, from what I read it has been merged with some other journal. Now the building is used for other purposes. It is a bit of a shame it's not for a newspaper anymore. If I could choose a working place just for its look, I'd choose this one. It may not be the oldest building in York, but it has plenty of character and atmosphere.

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