Friday 1 April 2011

When the joke is on me

As the French speakers among my readership already know, I woke up this morning with a sore throat, a bit of a runny nose and a dizzy head, the symptoms of the beginning of a cold. April Fool's Day has never been my favourite day, especially not when I am the fool in question. Destiny, or chance, has played a joke on me. At first I worried about me being able to perform my role, then I remembered that I play an old man with a raspy voice. So the joke is not so cruel, it will not be a hindrance anyway. The cough and croaking will only be more genuine. It is funny, as I usually get a nasty cold not long before performing a play. It happened back in my years at uni, every single time. Maybe my body gets more vulnerable for some reason when I rehearse intensively. It is less romantic than fate. Oh, it could be worse: my brother has a broken leg. My suffering is all relative really.

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PJ said...

Pas rienqu'une jambe cassée, on m'a mis une plaque et six vis sur le péroné et à travers la cheville, à cause de fractures multiples et ligaments déchirés (on m'enlèvera la plus grosse vis plus tard). Tu sais qu'en anglais souhaitent "break a leg" aux acteurs de théâtre? Dorénavent, je vais me contenter de l'expression française: je te souhaites "merde" pour le théâtre, rhume ou pas.