Monday 11 April 2011

Post acting blues

I think that's what I feel these days. It is nice and warm outside, my job is quiet, yet I don't know what to do with myself (yes it sounds exactly like that). I am pathetic really: it hasn't been a week yet and if I do go to the next one it will start in about six weeks. I always had the same feeling after the last performance, when the curtain goes down, we hug each others, we congratulate each others, we have one drink or more together and then that's it. The next morning, you don't have to remember your lines (yet you will still remember them years later), you don't have to polish your character (even though you feel like you barely started getting it) and it is business as usual. Acting is in many ways a solitary trade, whatever I said here. Younger, I would have drunk a fair deal to bury it Since I had work the next day. I guess I am older too. But it is the process I am going to miss, until next time, the work, the pain even, the way things move into pieces.

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