Sunday 3 April 2011

An afternoon nowhere

This picture was taken in the Lake District last summer, in Keswick I think. I stupidly forgot to bring the camera when we went out today so could not take any pic. Anyway, as I have been wanting to do for ages, we went nowhere this afternoon. Well, it was not quite nowhere as it was a sizeable English village that was buzzing with people enjoying an April Sunday, but it was still nowhere enough: i.e. in village with plenty of countryside surrounding it, plenty of old pubs but virtually no other businesses open and no tourist around. It was warm but there was a bit of cool breeze. I enjoyed real ales in two crammed pubs, walked by the river, smelled the green pastures. England often smells of wet land, especially during spirngtime. It is not nearly enjoyable as a crisp cold autumn day, but it is still a very pleasant way to spend Sunday.

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