Monday, 25 April 2011

Holiday reads

Quick post before I go to bed. I was a bit rough on Waterstone's recently. Well, I am a tiny bit happier about them now. I received another promotional email, this time about "holiday reads", talking about offers on travelling books, but also about novels from the country where one can be travelling to get a real feel of the place, etc. I do plan my reading list according to the time of the year and the place I am going to visit if I am on holiday or simply travelling. I am not original, maybe even a little bit shallow, but I found it a good way to know where to start when unread books start piling up on the bookshelves, or when I want to buy a book quick and don't know which one to choose. So I like it that a book chain helps me in my preparation as a reader and gives me some interesting reading suggestions. Now I am not planning any holiday trip soon, but I will keep a look at their website. They earned a bit of my respect back.

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