Thursday 7 April 2011

After the acting night

Be warned: there is a lot of rambling here. I did not quite organised my thoughts into something coherent.

So yesterday was my last class of the acting course. This one anyway. The next one will be in May, in a nearby town, unfortunately not at a fifteen minutes walk from home. But I kind of already commited myself to attend: I asked to my teacher "as a favour" if I could use The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi at some point, either for an exercise or a performance or whatever. I am not ready to do the whole play of course, far from it, but I want to work on that text. My readers know my obsession with this play, I might as well make something about it and get it known on this side of the pond in the meantime.

Anyway the night itself was physically exhausting but exhilarating, like these last nights always are. Our performances were recorded for the local radio and it will be aired at a yet undetermined date. "Voice" performances are different than stage performances, they are easier in a way, but you need to channel a lot more of the character in one specific manifestation. I certainly got the voice right, and through it the character just came alive naturally. It is a surreal feeling, just as it is strange to get back to being yourself after it.

However enjoyable the performance was, I still miss stage drama. I discovered yesterday that this is my ultimate during these courses: I want to perform on the stage again. It was very pleasant being congratulated by my fellow classmates, the writer of the play who was there too, and it was flattering being asked by some if I had done this professionally. I wish it could be true, but I know that I am right now an experienced amateur. Still, it felt good. I hope one day I can be, at least on a part-time basis, a professional. But first, the goal is to get back on the stage.

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