Wednesday 13 April 2011

A different Wednesday evening

It has now been a week since my acting course is over. I am still a bit weird about it. Not quite sad anymore, but I am not used to it. I had a full, real meal tonight (although I kind of miss the peanut butter toasts already), I did not read lines or poetry aloud, I did not do warming up exercises (maybe I should have had), spent a fair deal of time doing house chores and watching TV. I cannot spend all my evenings out, but I appreciated doing something different on Wednesday. Now, for a little bit, they will be like any other evening of the week. Maybe not so long if I go onto the next course. But until then, I have to learn to be a civilian, so to speak.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes the ordinary reminds us of the extraordinary, and perhaps the break from your classes means that it is not something you take for granted, and that it becomes even more flavourful with waiting. But hopefully you wont have to wait too long, and surely you can have peanut butter toast before then. Thats what weekends are made for:-)